Carnival of Souls - Soundtrack - SEALED - vinyl record album LP

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Mus-004 (S1)
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Carnival of Souls - Soundtrack - SEALED - vinyl record album LP

MS Music / Citadel


VINYL - NM, sealed


A1 Dialogue: "Want To Drag?" 0:31
A2 Main Title 1:46
A3 Dialogue: Mary Henry On The Bridge / Organ Factory 4:08
A4 Dialogue: "Put Your Soul Into It." 1:57
A5 Visitation: The Man In The Window 1:47
A6 Dialogue: "Could You Tell Me What That Big Structure Is?" 0:39
A7 Dialogue: "Our Pride And Joy" 1:03
A8 We Have An Organist Capable Of Stirring The Soul 1:58
A9 Dialogue: "What Do You See?" 0:24
A10 Dialogue: "I Ain't One To Make No Fuss." 0:50
A11 Dialogue: "I'm Your New Neighbor." 0:19
A12 The Rooming House: Another Visitation 1:07
A13 Dialogue: "Who's The Man In The Hall?" 1:03
A14 Dialogue: "A Church Is Just A Place Of Business." 1:17
A15 Why Don't They Answer Me? 2:22
B1 Dialogue: "As Though I Had No Place In The World." 3:43
B2 Haunted: Pavilion In Daylight 0:59
B3 Cast Out Devils 3:08
B4 Dialogue: "Profane! Sacrilege!" 0:34
B5 I Want To Be Left Alone 1:53
B6 Isolation: Why Can't They See Me? 4:54
B7 Dialogue: "I Don't Belong In The World." 1:07
B8 The Carnival Of Souls 5:07
B9 Dialogue: "Footprints... Then Nothing." 0:28
B10 Peace At Last 1:28