Megadeth - Youthanasia

Posted by Matt Lehman on Jan 5th 2024

Megadeth Youthanasia - 6th studio album - Nov 1, 1994

Artist - Hugh Syme - Rush and rush and rush and rush art director and or designer. He’s also a keyboard player and occasionally plays with……Rush. He did every album of rush since 1975.

According to bassist David Ellefson, the artwork concept was directly inspired from a line of the title track, "We've been hung out to dry". He explained that the title track "was probably the strongest representation of how we feel about the young people who listen to our music and what their future holds for them. It's like you have a choice, you can become proactive or you can choose ‘Youthanasia'."The title is a combination of the words "youth" and "euthanasia". Mustaine has stated that the idea for the title stems from hearing about Jack Kevorkian, as well as the declining state of well-being of young people, specifically referring to issues like drugs, crime and violence, and a lack of parenting.

There is a censored cover from Singapore that comes with a cool note from Dave. This press comes with a printed note wrote by Dave Mustaine explaining the original cover and why it's wrong to censor it.