Spatula City Records Rubber Spatula Sticker

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Buy 9 LPs the 10th is just one penny! All records are ultrasonically cleaned before shipping..

Slap it wherever you slap your backs, water bottles, bumpers, your sibling or spouses forehead.  I would say over their mouth, but it's probably not big enough to stop the noise. 


They are 4 mil, white vinyl high gloss stickers, so they should hold up for quite a while (If you've order from us in the past, they are much more sturdy than the flat ones we send with orders before.  In our defense, we never indended to get in the sticker game and those were made primarily for shipping boxes)  These are not include in orders and will not be.  THe only way to get on is to order one.


They Measure 5" by 1 1/2"


All of our artwork and logos are brilliantly Designed by Kaz over at