The Search for Bridey Murphy vinyl record album lp

The Search for Bridey Murphy vinyl record album lp

Posted by Matt Lehman on May 27th 2022

What a fantastic album.  I've known about the story of Bridey Murphy for a while, but I didn't know there was a record.  

Let me catch you up quickly. 

In 1952 an amateur Hypnotist put Virginia Tighe in a trance and regressed her back to a previous life from the 1800s where she was a daughter of a Barrister and also later a husband of a barrister in Ireland.  

Fast-forward to 1954 and The Denver Post ran a series of articles on the story.  It caught on like wild-fire and a best selling book was written and a movie was released in 1956.  People threw themed parties including baby arrival parties that had signs bearing "welcome back!"  Stan Freberg, recorded a Skit based on it and this record.  It is also referenced in Peggy Sue Got Married.

This record is snippets from one of the hypnosis sessions with a voice-over by an expert doing a sideline breakdown.

Obviously, there were people that tried to debunk it and there was little evidence that the person she claimed to be existed, but there were some weird coincidences or things that she knew that a housewife in Colorado in 1952 most likely wouldn't know about a small village outside Cork Ireland.  There is also no proof that she didn't make it up. 

It is odd to me that she was the last person he hypnotized as he started another business and moved on.  She was not a fan of the spotlight and didn't give a lot of interviews, especially after everyone was trying to discredit her.

Either way, it's a pretty interesting listen.   Check it out if you get the chance.