Numenorean - Home - Controversial Album Cover

Numenorean - Home - Controversial Album Cover

Posted by Matt Lehman on May 2nd 2023

Numenorean -   Home                Released - July 22, 2016 -

This is Numenorean's Debut album.

The cover is a photo of 2 year old Kristen Macdonald. On Feb 16, 1970 she was stabbed 33 times across the chest, neck, hands, and back with a knife and 15 times with an ice pick.

There seems to be some discrepancy whether the cover photo is an autopsy photo or crime scene photo. I’m guessing Autopsy since she’s fairly cleaned up and there's tape on her belly.

Her Father, Jeffrey MacDonald was convicted of killing his wife and 2 daughters.

I’m not going to get too deep into the background of the murders, because it is a deep rabbit hole that involves drugged up teenagers that broke into the house, with some compelling evidence.  It is the most litigated murder case in US history and even as Late was 2021 Macdonald was requesting appeals.

There are several documentaries, tv series, and podcasts on the case including False Witness, and a Wilderness of Error.

This is the quote on the inside cover of the Jacket:

The pain of life's journey does not relent. It beats against the soul's shores until the spirit is eroded. The child dies smiling, in the bliss of eternal unknowing. Comfort is found in the abyss. The destination seems bleak, ingrained deep within us. In its depths, we find what we have known all along: 'Home'. "

Byron Lemley, the lead singer is quoted in an interview as saying, "We realize it's a very striking image and somewhat controversial but looking at that image evokes such a strong emotion out of the listener, it almost sets up the journey you're going to experience with the album. We wanted to break the fourth wall a bit and start the experience before you even dive into the album. I think the album needs to be listened to in its entirety; I think that’s why a lot of people look at it negatively, just seeing it for its surface value instead of experiencing the whole album in its entirety and seeing how everything compiles together to be that whole journey."

One of the musicians that contributed on the album posted on YouTube - I played bass/did secondary vocals on this album and I don't think any of us were 100% comfortable with going with the cover. That's kind of the reason that we went with it, cause it was so uncomfortable and instantly made you feel the brutality of life. All these years later I'm still very proud of this album but I still get a little shiver seeing the cover.

Numenor was the kingdom occupying a large island to the west of Middle Earth, the main setting of Tolkien's writings, and was the greatest civilization of men.

The CD version came with the white slip cover obscuring the original photograph.

My Opinons: 

This is one of the albums that created this series. I saw it  and was horrified and perplexed by it. I rarely get outraged or disgusted, but I was close. So I checked out the music on YouTube. It changed my opinion. Do I like the cover? No Do I Agree with it? No. Do they fit together? Yup. Check it out on YouTube.