Todd Rundgren - Initiation - vinyl record LP

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BR 6957 (Y1)

Todd Rundgren - Initiation - vinyl record LP

Bearsville Records

JACKET - Strong VG, small saw cut, light edge creases and ring wear with inner

VINYL - VG+, Great copy.

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A1 Real Man 4:25
A2 Born To Synthesize 3:40
A3 The Death Of Rock And Roll 3:48
A4 Eastern Intrigue 5:06
A5 Initiation 7:05
A6 Fair Warning 8:07
  A Treatise On Cosmic Fire (36:00)
B.1 Intro - Prana 4:27
B.2 II. The Fire Of Mind - Or Solar Fire 3:43
B.3 III. The Fire Of Spirit - Or Electric Fire 7:34
B.4 I. The Internal Fire - Or Fire By Friction 20:16
B.4a Muladhara - The Dance Of Kundalini  
B.4b Svadhishthana - Bam, Bham, Mam, Yam, Ram, Lam, Thank You, Mahm  
B.4c Manipura - Seat Of Fire  
B.4d Anahata - The Halls Of Air  
B.4e Vishudda - Sounds Beyond Ears  
B.4f Ajna - Sights Beyond Eyes  
B.4g Brahmarandhra - Nirvana Shakti  
B.5 Outro - Prana