Residents, The - Mark of The Mole - vinyl record LP

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(Z19) RZ 8152

Residents, The - Mark of The Mole - vinyl record LP

Ralph Records

JACKET - VG+, light wear bordering NM with shrink (actual pics)

VINYL - VG+, should be an NM player.

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    Hole-Workers At The Mercies Of Nature  
A1   Voices Of The Air
    The Ultimate Disaster  
A2   Won't You Keep Us Working?  
A3   First Warning  
A4   Back To Normality?  
A5   The Sky Falls!  
A6   Why Are We Crying  
A7   The Tunnels Are Filling  
A8   It Never Stops  
A9   March To The Sea  
A10   The Observer  
A11   Hole-Workers' New Hymn  
    Hole-Workers Vs Man And Machine  
    Another Land  
B1   Rumors  
B2   Arrival  
B3   Deployment  
B4   Saturation  
    The New Machine  
B5   Idea  
B6   Construction  
B7   Failure / Reconstruction  
B8   Success  
    Final Confrontation  
B9   Driving The Moles Away  
B10   Don't Tread On Me  
B11   The Short War  
B12   Resolution?