Doom and Madlib, Madvillain - Madvillainy - double vinyl record LP

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STH2065 (Z8)

Doom and Madlib, Madvillain - Madvillainy  - double vinyl record LP

Stones Throw Records (2006 re-issue)

MATRIX - sth-2065 s-60431

JACKET - VG+, one corner ding top left

VINYL - VG+, very light play wear, should be great players.

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1A The Illest Villains 1:55
2A Accordion 1:58
3A Meat Grinder 2:11
4A Bistro 1:08
5A Raid 2:35
1B America's Most Blunted 3:54
2B Sickfit (Inst.) 1:21
3B Rainbows 2:51
4B Curls 1:33
5B Do Not Fire! (Inst.) 0:52
6B Money Folder 2:41
1C Scene Two (Voice Skit) 0:20
2C Shadows Of Tomorrow 2:36
3C Operation Lifesaver AKA Mint Test 1:30
4C Figaro 2:25
5C Hardcore Hustle 1:21
6C Strange Ways 1:23
1D (Intro) 0:29
2D Fancy Clown 1:55
3D Eye 1:57
4D Supervillain Theme (Inst.) 0:52
5D All Caps 2:10
6D Great Day 2:16
7D Rhinestone Cowboy 4:00